Actually, we don't keep your credit card details.

If you've purchased from us before, you can select the last used credit card at checkout. Despite how it may seem, we do not have your credit card details.

Your information is securely stored by our payment processor, which processes billions of dollars of payments for some of the best companies in the world.

Stripe is required to keep this information by law and we do not have any access to it. Using a secure process called tokenization, we simply identify you to Stripe.

In fact, keeping your information with Stripe and paying using tokenization is much safer than sending your credit card information over the internet each time.

On our end, we leverage this technology to offer a more convenient checkout experience, and we also need this to be able to refund you in case of a return.

In other words, your details are completely safe, safer than the card in your bag!

Want to get super technical? You will find everything you need right here!

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