We'll deliver them back to you for free.

After the minimum consignment period is over, you can chose to get your items back or keep consigning them with us.

If you don't request their return, we will continue to list them for one additional cycle. After that, we will deliver them back to you or, at your request, donate them to charity.

Every six months, you will also have the opportunity to participate in our bi-annual sales where products that haven't sold are reduced to try and sell them.

In our experience, the duration to sale is often not a measure of the interest in an item. Some less popular items sell in the first days and some wildly popular items sell in months. This is a function of changing tastes and trends which we don't control, as well as absolute price etc.

One very effective way that some of our sellers use to speed up their sales is to share on their social media. Just find the icons below on any product page and click!

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