Luxury designer clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories in great condition.

We deal mainly in branded luxury but we are not brand snobs. Our curation team selects items based on many factors: quality, fashion relevance, likelihood of sale etc.

Curation is an art, not a science, so don't be shy to drop us a concierge enquiry and ask us about your specific items. In the meantime, here are some general guidelines: 

Brands currently available on our site should give you a good indication.

We will also consider and list unbranded items, especially vintage ones, of outstanding craftsmanship and beauty.

Condition is important - our experience shows that the more visible the wear, the less likely the item is to sell, even if adjusted for by price. This is especially true for clothing and shoes.

There is no minimum number of items or value to sell with us. Every collector, big or small, is just as important to us.

To know more, please also see our FAQ about items we do not accept for listing

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