Selling with us is at no cost to you. Our commission gets deducted from the buyer's price.

How it works

First, we agree on your desired payout or net profit from each sale. There are no hidden costs. We then add our commission on top of that. Our commission is always 30% and we only get paid if the item sells, making sure that our interests are always perfectly aligned.

Why 30%?

We believe selling your items should be as much a luxury experience as purchasing them in the first place. For us, this means taking care of everything for you so you can spend more of your time doing the things you love.

Our commission covers our comprehensive selling service which includes item collection, professional quality control, in-house photography, pricing research, description writing, climate-controlled storage, comprehensive insurance, social media marketing, digital advertising, enquiry management, payment collection, fraud protection, luxury packaging, worldwide shipping, returns management, anti-wardrobing technology and the world's leading authentication technology.

Importantly, the high quality of our service, unique authentication technology and unlimited guarantees reduces the risk for all parties and increases the price that buyers are willing to pay for your items, offsetting the commission so everybody wins.

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