Not really.

We are an online business. Browsing our extensive catalogue online is the easiest way to find items you love.

Combined with our free delivery and free return, our service is designed to allow you to try things in the comfort of your home, for free and at no risk.

Our unbelievably awesome policy

Our policy is so good that customers who have dealt with other sites struggle to believe it, so we'll spell it out again:

(a) we deliver to you for free
(b) you have 7 days to change your mind for any reason
(c) we collect returns from you for free
(d) we refund you immediately and in full.

Bottom line

Like most of our customers, you're probably a very busy person. So why take time out of your day to come to us when we will send you the things for free, you can return anything you don't want for any reason, we'll collect for free and we'll refund you in full?

For more information, please see can I view an item before making a purchase?

Still have questions? Let us know using the chat function on the right, we usually answer very fast!

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