Yes, you may cancel if the item has not shipped yet, and subject to a small cancelation fee.

If you made a mistake or change your mind about a purchase before we ship it to you, just drop us a note in the chat below and someone will help you out.

Why do you charge a fee?

We hate fees and regret that we need to charge a fee for cancellations, but we have no choice on this one. The main reason is that all the major payment platforms decided during the pandemic to change their policies and stop refunding payment fees to the merchant in the case of a cancellation.

Yes, that's right, during some of the most trying times in retail history, the payment platforms that were benefiting from a surge in online spending made changes to their policies to keep fees from small and medium businesses for refunded transactions, a move that was especially punishing for websites with generous return and refund policies like ours.

As a result, we had to adjust some of our policies and reluctantly decided that, in cases where the cancellation is through no fault of our own, we would have to (partially) recover these losses from the cancelling customer. We don't make any money on these fees.

How much is your cancellation fee?

We deduct 3% from your refund, with a minimum of SGD20.

Why is return and refund free but there's a fee for cancellation?

It may seem a bit odd, but everything relies on the good faith of our customers.

The spirit of our generous free return and refund policy is to make online shopping as enjoyable as possible for the vast majority of our customers. Buying something that doesn't fit or look as expected, and having a mechanism for reversing such a good faith purchase at no cost is aligned with the spirit of our service and is a real promise.

Purchasing and cancelling is different. At best it is because a customer has made a mistake or she has not taken the time to carefully review the detailed pictures and description before making a purchase. We work very hard on these to avoid these situations, and we are always available and responsive on the chat if any clarification is needed. At worst, some customers abuse the policy, knowing they can cancel without any fees after the fact if they find something else. All of these are clearly beyond our reasonable responsibility.

We didn't bother with it as long as it didn't cost us too much time and money, but with the change in payment industry policy, it started hurting us. So we have aligned ourselves with the very standard practice of charging a cancellation fee if the cancellation is through no fault of our own. The fee only recoups the cost we incur, it does not make us any money.

Nevermind, can you just send it to me, and I'll return it instead?

As mentioned, everything depends on the good faith of our customers.

Needless to say, taking delivery of an item for the express purpose of avoiding the cancellation fee by returning it under the free return and refund policy is not consistent with the spirit of our policies and will not be accepted.

Therefore, once you request a cancellation, it is final. If you want to proceed with the order, you must waive your right to return your purchase under the free return and refund policy.

More information

Please read our Buyer's Terms sections 3.3 and 3.4 which you've agreed to by placing an order on the website.

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