We don't do discounts. The price you see is the same for everyone (yes, even you, Mom!).

But why?

It cuts right to the core of our philosophy: you should shop on our site without worrying about anything, including condition, authenticity, price, returns etc. Part of that is making sure everybody gets the same price, so we don't negotiate on price.

How do you know it's the right price?

We work very hard on pricing and research each piece to ensure that the price is extremely competitive on a global scale. This is done after close physical inspection of each item and includes authentication using the world's most advanced technology.

The greatest luxury of all: peace of mind.

Our prices are always very fair, and always much lower than original retail, even for items that are brand new. They also include free shipping, free return and refund, lifetime authenticity guarantee and outstanding customer service. Basically, no risk.

No discounts for your Moms? Really?

Yes, really. Staff and our family members buy at the same listed price available to all of our customers. It's core to our values!

(PS: while we do not offer discounts, we do have two major sales events each year with additional discounts of up to 50% on our everyday low prices.)

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