Every item undergoes a rigorous authentication process by our team of experts, including scientific verification with the world's leading authentication technology.

When it comes to authentication, we lead the field. Our confidence is reflected in the unlimited money-back authenticity guarantee we offer our customers.

We authenticate our products scientifically, quantitatively and qualitatively:

  • Scientific means our AI-powered microscopic image authentication technology that allows us to scan luxury branded goods and determine their authenticity to near perfect accuracy. We invested and helped develop the technology to give our customers complete confidence.

  • Quantitative means our proprietary database of technical measures which we organise by brand, type of item and age. If we are uncertain about a particular product, we can also refer to a network of brand specialists for a second opinion.

  • Qualitative means our team's experience with specific branded items over many years. This is important, because sometimes the most obvious signs of a counterfeit are difficult to teach, such as the smell of an item or the way the leather feels or sounds when it is manipulated and handled.

In addition, we are the only business of our kind in that is licensed by the police under the Secondhand Goods Dealers Act, ensuring that you're dealing with professionals operating at the highest standards.

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