We do not allow a customer to repurchase an item that they have already purchased in the past and returned.

The reason we don't accept repurchases is to prevent abuse of our generous return and refund policy which is intended for customers to purchase knowing that they can return anything that they are not completely satisfied with for a full refund.

This is a costly policy and one that evidences the confidence we have in products and in our detailed descriptions. And the policy is only sustainable if all parties act in good faith.

The main problem with repurchasing is that it is sometimes used as a way of bypassing our no-return policy on discounted sales items by purchasing them in advance of the sales and returning them at the expense of the business with the intention of buying them back at a discount during the sales.

This practice multiplies our fulfilment costs while resulting in a discounted sale. This is clearly not sustainable, nor is it in the spirit of our service, so we simply don't allow it.

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