Selling with us is simple - we do all the work and we only get paid if you sell! But a lot of work going into it, here's a helpful overview:

1. Submit you personal seller request by clicking on the "Sell with Us" button

Everybody, even repeat sellers, have to go through this step. This makes sure your selling interest is properly recorded and that you get the whole team working on it.

2. Sign the contract before the collection day (new sellers only)

If you are a first-time seller, once you have submitted your enquiry, we will send you our contract for signing. Without a signed contract, we will not be able to proceed! This is important for your own protection and you only have to do this once.

3. Prepare your items for collection

  • We send in-house courier to collect your items. These are trusted individuals that have been working with us for years and have handled thousands of high value deliveries and collections for us - your items are in safe hands.

  • Our couriers will come with extremely durable zippered polypropylene bags to put your items in and transport them safely back to our office. In 1-2 working days, we will send you a summary listing of everything we received for your records.

4. Checking and Storage

  • Usually in 2-3 working days of receiving your items, we will itemize everything we received and send you a list for your review. Providing a complete list of items in advance helps speed up this process.

  • All items are kept in our secure climate-controlled, CCTV-equipped and fully-insured warehouse.

  • If you don't hear back from us right away, don't worry! Consignment volumes are unpredictable and we sometimes get flooded, so things can take a bit longer.

5. Approve your pricing

  • Over the following 2-3 weeks, we will quality control, curate and price each item, and send you the pricing list for your approval.

  • The pricing list will show the payout amount that you will receive which is always 70% of the original listing price for all women's clothing and accessories.

  • We recently introduced men and kids categories with payouts of 60% and 50% respectively.

  • Importantly, the agreed payout amount is fixed and guaranteed (regardless of buyer promos, discounts, payment method used, currency conversion, international shipping etc.) so you have complete transparency from the get-go on the payout you will receive!

6. Unaccepted / Unapproved Items

  • Any items that are not accepted by us (or not approved by you) get sent back to you free of cost. We have prepared a list of items that we do not accept for listing to avoid the most common items we don't accept.

  • All approved items are sent to our in-house studio to be professionally photographed and made live on the site.

7. Get paid!

We pay immediately upon confirmed sale, which is 7 days after delivery. Once your item is sold, we will email you an Account Sales Report to let you know and pay you by bank transfer - no action required on your part.

8. Unsold items

Our minimum consignment period is 180 days, after which you can recall any unsold items and we will deliver them back to you for free. We only get paid if you sell so there are no hidden fees.

If you have any questions about any of this, your personal seller will be more than happy to help!

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