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My Alerts don't work
My Alerts don't work
I'm seeing items on the site that I'm not getting alerts for!
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So, you've set up your My Alerts, but on your next visit to the site, you see some items in New Arrivals that you did not receive alerts for? And to make matters worse, some of them are sold already?!

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Not to worry, there's a couple of perfectly good explanations for this that don't involve a conspiracy against you. Remember that one of our core values is equity - everybody gets treated exactly the same - and we live and breathe it!

Overlapping categories and conditions

Let's say you love Chanel shoes and bags and have created an alert for these. However, you only want to be alerted about shoes in your size, so you add your shoe size to this filter, say IT38. As a result, the system will look for new Chanel shoes in IT38 and send you and alert. But it will also look for Chanel bags in IT38, which don't exist, so you will not get any alerts for bags.

The solution is simple - split up your alerts so that all conditions can be matched. In the example above, the easiest solution would be to split Chanel shoes and bags into two separate My Alerts. We know that the 5 alert limit can be frustrating in this regard, but we don't ever want the alerts to be used as a substitute for regular browsing of the site.

Note that you can also check the results of your My Alerts and tweak them by clicking on the 'eye' icon next to your alert. It will show you the types of results you will be alerted for and you can tweak your My Alert accordingly.

Items selling too quickly

So now, let's say you've split your alerts up as recommended above, but on your next visit to the site, you see a pair of Chanel shoes in your size in New Arrivals, but it's sold!

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The reason this may have happened is that alerts are processed periodically, they are not instant. If the item lists and sells before the next batch of alerts is processed, then we won't send you an alert; there's already enough FOMO in the world!

But it all comes back to making sure you browse the site regularly and only rely on the alerts for very specific things.

However, you may be interested to know that if the item is returned and you did not receive an alert the first time around, you will receive an alert when the item becomes available again on the site. So don't despair completely!

We hope that was helpful, but please reach out on the chat if you have any other questions!

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