My Alerts is an easy way to get email notification when we receive items that may be of interest to you.

I just missed something and want to be notified if you get more

If an item is sold, the heart icon will be replaced with an envelope icon. Click this icon to automatically create an alert based on this product.

Alternatively, from the sold item's product page, you can click on the "Create an Alert" button.

Once your alert has been created, you will see the popup below. You're done! Next time we get something similar in, you will be notified by email.

You can also click on "Go to My Alerts" to edit your alert and make it more or less specific. Keep reading for more on that.

I'm looking for something specific and I can't find it on the site

You must be logged in to your account and click on the My Alerts link in the menu. Below are screenshots of what it looks like on mobile and desktop:

Then click on Add New Alert and you should see the popup below:

Personalize the name of your alert and chose the categories you want to filter by. You have to pick at least two categories to limit the number of results / notifications. You are also limited to five alerts in total for the same reason.

You can also use My Alerts as your personalized landing page

You may notice that the My Alerts page shows the results of all the current alerts.

This is to help you refine your filters. Another helpful feature for this is the view/hide hide icon for each alert so you see the results for just one alert or for all of the alerts combined.

If you don't want to receive email notifications, you can also turn off notifications and treat this page as a customized landing page, showing all of the latest products that match your criteria!

As your interests change over time, you may want to delete certain alerts to make room for new ones, here's how to turn off my alerts

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