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Your clothing donations will be used to further the efforts of Dress for Success Singapore.

Dress for Success Singapore empowers disadvantaged women to regain economic independence by providing them clothing and professional coaching to find employment.

Your clothing donations will be used in one of two ways:

If the clothing is suitable for a professional work environment, it will be provided to women who don't have means to purchase a suitable wardrobe, along with interview and job coaching, to help them secure employment and gain economic independence.

Many of these women have no work experience and have recently faced devastating economic disruption in their lives, such as losing a spouse, escaping an abusive household, expulsion from their families and more. They need our help to escape the dangerous cycle of poverty, become productive members of society and live with dignity.

If the clothing is unsuitable or inappropriate for a professional setting, Dress for Success Singapore will sell the items at popup charity events or charity auctions, with 100% of the proceeds going towards funding the organization and continuing to provide support for women in need.

We are in a particularly privileged position to support the efforts of Dress for Success Singapore, something we have been doing since 2018, an we are proud to have been awarded as their Corporate Partner of the year in 2020!

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