Sendbacks are items that you have consigned to us and that are being sent back to you. We call these "sendbacks" to avoid confusion with "returns" of purchased items.

Sendbacks are a natural part of the consignment process and occur for three main reasons. Please click on any reason below to find out more:

Sendbacks are free, except if you requested to get your items back and they have not yet completed their minimium consignment period.

Don't want your items back?

Very often, our consignors don't want their unsold items back. If this is your case, we encourage you to donate any or all of your unsold clothing to our partners at Dress for Success Singapore.

We'll take care of everything and your donations will directly empower disadvantaged women to regain economic independence by providing them clothing and professional coaching to find employment.

Find out more about how your donations will be used to change lives!

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