This is very common and can be easily solved. A short explanation first:

The plastic heel tips are made of plastic, often polyurethane (PU), a light, durable material that is also cheap. Despite its advantages, PU is prone to a form of deterioration called “hydrolysis” resulting in crumbling. Hydrolysis is an inevitable process, but it can be accelerated by the environment and lack of regular wear.

So, ironically, crumbling PU is evidence that the shoes are new or have barely been worn.

Many of the top shoe brands include spare heel tips with any shoe purchase because it is likely that you will have to change a heel tip at some stage, much like shirts come with extra buttons.

It can be very hard to detect hydrolysis without actually wearing the shoes and stress testing them through walking, something our quality control team obviously can't do! So if your heel tip ever breaks, no worries, here's what you can do:

The most efficient and cost effective solution is to find your nearest cobbler. Any cobbler can fix heels tips very quickly and for a nominal charge.

In general, we highly recommend that you carry a set of slip on heel caps such as these that can get you out of a jam inexpensively. These should be part of every stylish urban woman's survival kit.

If it's during the 7-day return period, we will happily take them back and refund you provided all labels are still intact. This option works if the heel tip broke when still trying them out at home.

Note: if the shoes are a sale item, please note that broken tips are not considered an undisclosed quality issue because it is a standard and easily repairable issue.

If, on the other hand, it's the sole of your shoe that's crumbling and not just the heel tip, click here.

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