Don't worry! It does happen and we're here to help. But first an explanation:

Many shoes nowadays are manufactured with molded polyurethane (PU) soles, heels and parts. It is a light, durable material that is also cheap and therefore increasingly used by manufacturers. Despite its advantages, PU is prone to a form of deterioration called “hydrolysis” resulting in crumbling. Hydrolysis is accelerated by environmental humidity and is compounded by a lack of regular wear such as storage (wearing counteracts the degradation process).

So, ironically, crumbling PU is evidence that the shoes are new or have barely been worn.

It can be very hard to detect hydrolysis without actually wearing the shoes and stress testing them through walking, something our quality control team obviously can't do! So despite our best efforts, you may be faced with this issue on a shoe purchase at some point. If it ever happens, don't panic, here's what you do:

Reach out to our customer service via the chat below! If it's within 7 days of delivery, you can always return the shoes just like any item and get a full refund so don't worry. Alternatively, if you love the shoes and want to keep them, hydrolysis can usually be repaired and we're happy to make arrangements on the house so you don't have to sweat it. Bottom line, we've got your back!

For our part, we periodically review the brands that have had hydrolysis issues, and if we see a pattern, we remove them from the site and we won't accept those shoes brands on consignment in future (we won't name any names!).

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